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Our company was founded in 2007 as a trading company engaged in the wholesale supply of polypropylene containers, such as bags and big bags. In 2012, a line of own production of big bags (MKR) was launched. Since this period, our company has established itself among the manufacturers of large containers as a reliable supplier of polypropylene containers and packaging to its customers.

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1. Own production, which allows you to sew big bags of the sizes you need;

2. Modern equipment allows you to automate the production process and speed up the execution of orders;

3. We try to keep the most popular sizes of big bags in stock;

4. More than 12 years of successful experience in Ukraine;

5. Delivery of big bags in Ukraine in a convenient way for you;

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Buy big bags / big bag in Ukraine

today it will not be difficult, especially since there are domestic companies that are engaged in the production of such containers.

Today, big bags are a universal means for packaging and transporting a variety of goods. By and large, outwardly they look like very large bags or packages that have handles or slings. Most often, this type of packaging is used to transport bulk goods, regardless of whether they are food or industrial goods.

The first big bags were used in Japan to carry goods on the railroad. Initially, they were made of tarpaulins or cotton fibers and fittings. However, these containers were not particularly durable. In the 50s of the 20th century, after the discovery of polyester and polyamide fibers, soft containers became more durable due to the inclusion of such materials in the composition of products.
Today, the production and use of big bags is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine, and research data state that annually the volume of production of these products in the world increases by 10%.

Where Big Runs Are Used

Over time, this type of packaging for transport and storage has become more and more popular in all areas. The most commonly used soft containers are:

agriculture. So, it is quite convenient to store and transport not only crops (wheat, rye, barley and other crops), but also fertilizers, animal feed, fruits, vegetables, etc.

food industry – for storage transportation of flour, sugar, all kinds of cereals, starch, salt and other products.

construction. Big bags are convenient for transporting cement, gravel, sand, gypsum, as well as for transporting paving stones and other building materials.

woodworking industry – for the removal of chips.

mining – for the transportation of ore, clay and other rocks.

The scope of polypropylene big bags is so wide that they can be used almost everywhere.

Advantages of polypropylene containers


Among all the positive performance properties of big bags, the following stand out the most:

  1. High capacity.
  2. Low cost flexible containers.
  3. The packaging is suitable for transportation by any means – by rail, land, air, sea.
  4. Ease of the loading and unloading process.
  5. High durability polypropylene fabric
  6. Versatility purpose.
  7. In such soft containers made of polypropylene, you can transport not only bulk materials, but also small parts (for example, balls for bearings).
  8. Increased impact resistance. Such containers are not afraid of mechanical damage, shocks and all kinds of bumps during transportation.
  9. Improved performance
    breathability. Due to the special interweaving of polypropylene fibers in the container itself, no conditions are created for decay, as well as for the formation of mold and other pathogenic microorganisms, which is especially important when transporting and storing food or agricultural products.
  10. Big model and size range. By and large, the client can independently set the parameters necessary for sewing big bags. The capacity of one big bag can be from 300 kilograms to 2 tons.
  11. The ability to stack.
  12. The ability to reuse polypropylene containers.
  13. The ability to brand by applying logos, inscriptions and contacts.

Where to buy big bags in Ukraine


Of course, there are many companies that sell soft containers. However, Bigbag-Intera has a number of undeniable advantages. Namely:

– 14 years of experience in this market segment;
– 9 years of experience in our own production of big bags in Ukraine and other large-sized containers made of polypropylene;

– automated production process reduces the time for the manufacture of containers by individual standards;

– in the warehouse we almost always have a stock of the most popular sizes of flexible containers;

– you can pay for the order in any convenient way.

– Bigbag-Intera offers to buy wholesale big bags in Ukraine with delivery to all regions of the country.

You can get a consultation or order a big bag (Ukraine) by phone, as well as by reading the information on the site. Our company is ready to fulfill any order – containers with slings or non-standard configuration. Company managers will always help you find the best solution for you and your business.

Bigbag assortment-Intera


You can buy big bags from Bigbag-Intera (Ukraine) in various ways, depending on the method of loading / unloading, the type of material being transported.

The most popular patterns are:

big bags for 2 handles – have a convenient space between the two handles for loading or unloading material into the container.

big bags for 4 handles and big bags with 4 lines are convenient for moving with the help of special cranes.

polypropylene bags – one of the cheapest, but at the same time convenient and durable ways to transport and store any goods.

polypropylene inserts in big bags necessary for the transportation of goods that require special conditions. They help make the soft container waterproof and also protect against unwanted environmental influences. Most often used for transportation and storage of chemicals, cement, pesticides, fertilizers, food products.

liners in the floor of the car are designed to protect cargo, transported in wagons or open wagons. They are securely fixed in the car and reliably protect the cargo from spilling or leaking.

Bigbag-Intera will help you buy big bags in Ukraine and make the right choice for efficient storage and transportation.

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