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Modern polypropylene bags are cheap, convenient and practical packaging. In this section, you can buy polypropylene bags for the transportation of any cargo. The scope of bags of this type in production and economy is almost unlimited.

You can contact in a way convenient for you

Buy polypropylene bags in Ukraine

– you can contact the manufacturer of soft large-sized packaging containers BIGBAG INTERA. The company has been engaged in wholesale deliveries of soft containers since 2007. And since 2012, you can buy polypropylene bags from the manufacturer – the company has acquired its own production line, which allows you to set a high bar for quality and service, as well as take into account the individual wishes of customers.

In the assortment of the company you can find soft packaging for any volume and diverse business, namely:

big bags for two or four handles;

big bags for two or four slings;

gondola car liners;

polypropylene bags.
Many enterprises that are engaged in the production or use of bulk or granular goods in the production process are thinking about how to choose the best way to transport and store small volumes of products. Polypropylene bags are the solution to this issue.

Features of polypropylene bags

This type of packaging is considered one of the simplest, cheapest, but reliable. Depending on the types of products for which they are intended, the configuration and modification of the bags may vary. So, they can be of various sizes, densities, with and without polyethylene inserts, as well as with and without lamination.

It is believed that the invention of this type of packaging for storage and transportation belongs to the hand of a Ukrainian emigrant in Canada, Harry Vasilyuk, who had to improve thin plastic garbage bags. As a result, fragile polyethylene was replaced with wear-resistant polypropylene, and the problem was solved. And bags have become popular not only for garbage disposal, but also for other purposes.

Types of polypropylene bags and their scope

Conventionally, all types of soft oversized containers are divided into two subgroups: for food products and, accordingly, for non-food products.

Such packaging initially has a zero toxicity indicator, is characterized by absolute environmental friendliness and the absence of additives harmful to the human body. It should be noted that even when the packaging is heated and burned, toxic substances are not released. So, for food products, you can:

– buy bags for sugar. The price of sugar bags will depend on the quantity of the order, as well as the size of the bag itself, which can be from 5 to a kilogram.

– buy bags for flour. The price of bags for flour is formed according to the same principle as for packaging for sugar.

– buy bags for cereals, starch, etc.

Polypropylene bags for food products are also most often used in agriculture – for the transportation and storage of grain, animal feed, root crops, fruits of fruit trees, etc.

Bags for food products may differ from each other. So, the density of the bags for flour will be the highest possible, the bags for sugar and flour will be made with lamination to prevent moisture from penetrating inside. The cheapest will be bags for cereals, since their density is not high.

Polypropylene bags for non-food products are also widely used and are used in almost all areas of business.


– buy for construction debris;

– buy bags for cement and other building materials;

– buy bags for household needs;

– buy bags for mineral fertilizers;

– as well as bags for other various needs.

Benefits of polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags have a number of positive properties that ensure their popularity. The main advantages include:

Durability. Bags manufactured by BIGBAG INTERA can be used for a long period. Regardless of the period of use, they perfectly cope with the tasks. It should be noted that the bags are recyclable.

  1. Wear resistance. Reliable weaving of the canvas prevents mechanical damage, and also allows the bags to keep their shape, regardless of what kind of cargo is transported or stored.
  2. Moisture resistant. Water resistance is one of the main advantages of soft packaging. At the same time, air circulates inside, which prevents the formation of mold and the development of pathogenic microflora.
  3. Versatility. You can use polypropylene bags in any field of activity.
  4. Affordable price – you can buy cheap polypropylene bags at any time from the manufacturing company – BIGBAG INTERA. High quality and affordable prices are an excellent combination for the transportation and storage of goods.

Basic rules for the use of polypropylene bags

  1. It is worth using special filling equipment to fill the bags.
  2. You should not fill the container by 100%, optimally – by 95%.
  3. When filling and closing bags with a polyethylene liner inside, it is worth eliminating the air.
  4. The temperature of the cargo to be filled should not exceed 60 degrees.
  5. If temperatures below 0 degrees are expected during transportation, then before loading the contents into bags, they should be kept at room temperature for a day.
  6. Filled bags should be stored in a clean, closed warehouse, preferably on wooden pallets.

Where to buy polypropylene bags in Ukraine

You can buy inexpensive polypropylene bags at BIGBAG INTERA (Cherkasy).

We offer quality products, a high level of service, delivery to all regions of Ukraine, as well as convenient payment methods for the client.

In order to buy polypropylene bags in bulk, you need to call the following phone numbers:

+38(098) 789 48 56< /span>
or leave a request on the company’s website.

Buying polypropylene bags in Ukraine from BIGBAG INTERA means making the best decision for your business!

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