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Buy big bags (big bag) wholesale in Ukraine from the manufacturer

worthy for those whose activities are constantly associated with the transportation and storage of bulk and other small goods.

The sphere of logistics, transportation, as well as storage is constantly developing and increasing in volume. It is believed that the first big bags were products made of linen fiber, canvas and other fabrics, which were worn on special fittings. Such reinforcement served as a support system for containers. However, the first products had a lot of shortcomings: low wear resistance, poor strength indicators, as well as exposure to environmental influences.

Thanks to the advent of polypropylene fibers in the early 60s, the materials for making big bags have been improved and the products have gained new advantages. Over time, the demand for soft packaging has increased and polypropylene soft containers have become used in many areas of the economy.

Such soft containers, which are made of polypropylene in recent years, have left other packaging containers, such as boxes made of plywood, wood, etc., far behind. The popularity of big bags is associated with a rather large list of their advantages in use.

One of the companies that produces big bags in Ukraine is the Cherkasy company Bigbag-Intera. Since 2007, the company has been engaged in wholesale deliveries of polypropylene containers. In 2012, our own production line was launched.

For more than 13 years, the company has been sewing big bags according to individual measurements. The production process is automated, which allows you to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time. The company has the most popular sizes in stock, which you can buy without waiting. Delivery is carried out to Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Krivoy Rog and other cities and regions of Ukraine.

Why Big Bags are Economical and Effective

Many companies that are engaged in various types of industry have begun to actively use in their activities not only big bags (big bag) various modifications, but also polypropylene bags, inserts in big bags, as well as special inserts in wagons or gondola cars.

The use of modern technologies in the production of big bags made it possible to improve the design, as well as to give the products new properties.

Big bag can be used effectively and economically due to a number of advantages:

  1. Wide range of applications. Such soft containers are very versatile and can be used effectively in any production.
  2. Many design options. Manufacturers of big bags can produce different models with different capacities and different functionality (with a solid bottom, with a valve for unloading materials, with one or more lines, etc.).
  3. Simplicity and ease of use. Such soft containers made of polypropylene are light in weight, and when filled, they are easy to stack.
  4. Strong and reliable material for manufacturing. Polypropylene fabric is durable.
  5. Cargo protection. When using polypropylene liners in big bags, you can protect the cargo from environmental influences, which allows you to store soft containers in open areas.
  6. Minimize the loss of bulk materials.

What big bags are for (big bag)

  1. In the food industry, you can buy large bags (big bags) for flour, sugar, cereals, salt.
  2. Big bags are actively used in agriculture. The Ukrainian manufacturing company Bigbag-Intera (Cherkasy) offers to buy large bags of 1000 kg for fertilizers, as well as for compound feed, meal, seeds, grain, etc.
  3. Big bags have found their application in the chemical industry for the transportation and storage of mineral fertilizers, as well as all kinds of bulk substances (for example, household chemicals).
  4. Big bags can also simplify construction work. You can buy large construction garbage bags, as well as for transporting sand, cement, gravel, paving stones, etc. Soft containers are easily lifted by a conventional loader, and can also move large volumes of goods.

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    Ukraine, Cherkasy, st. Surikova, 14
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