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Our company was founded in 2007 as a trading company engaged in the wholesale supply of polypropylene containers, such as bags and big bags. In 2012, a line of own production of big bags (MKR) was launched. Since this period, our company has established itself among the manufacturers of large containers as a reliable supplier of polypropylene containers and packaging to its customers.

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Купити біг беги (big bag) оптом в Україні від виробника

Production of big bags in Ukraine

The production of big bags in Ukraine allowed domestic companies doing business to use inexpensive, but reliable and versatile packaging in the form of soft containers.

Big bags are gaining more and more popularity every year in various industries and agriculture. Such packaging is chosen primarily for its simplicity and ease of use.

Big bags are large and soft containers made of synthetic polypropylene fiber. Such containers have handles (from one to four) or slings, which allow you to make the process of loading and unloading goods much faster. An important point is the fact that in such flexible containers it is possible not only to transport, but also to store bulk materials in an open space. Depending on the size of big bags, the carrying capacity of one container can vary from 300 to 3000 kilograms.

The first polypropylene soft containers appeared in the 40s of the 20th century and were made of cotton fabric, which was put on the armature. Since then, the materials and methods of their manufacture have changed, but the demand remains at a high level.

Multi-purpose packaging in the form of polypropylene soft containers is characterized by elasticity, ease of operation, low price, as well as compactness and low weight. It can transport and store loose, granular, as well as goods with a liquid consistency.

BIGBAG-INTERA is a manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene containers in Ukraine

The Cherkassy company began its activity in 2007 with the wholesale supply of flexible containers. And already in 2012, our own line for the production of large containers was launched. The company offers not only high-quality big bags, but also high-level service:

  • continuous telephone customer support;
  • fast delivery to Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Krivoy Rog and other cities of Ukraine;
  • a convenient way for the client to pay for the order;
  • high quality of manufactured products;
  •  Possibility of making containers according to individual measurements.

For the production of big bags (Ukraine), the company uses high-quality raw materials – polypropylene thread of Ukrainian or foreign manufacturers, as well as special additives that make the thread more reliable and durable.

Today, in the assortment of the company you can find a variety of big bags and other products and use them depending on the needs of your business:

– Big bags with 2 handles are most often used in the chemical industry for the transportation and storage of non-aggressive chemicals, as well as mineral fertilizers. You can also buy large bags for flour, sugar, cereals with two handles for transportation in the food industry. Special polypropylene inserts will allow products not to rot and be stored for a long time.

– big bags for 4 handles are relevant for agriculture. They can transport feed, seeds, crops, soil, vegetables, fruits. You can also buy large bags of 1000 kilograms for fertilizers, as well as for the removal of agricultural waste (grapevine, sunflower husk, buckwheat, etc.).

– big bags for 4 slings are suitable as construction bags for garbage disposal, transportation of bricks, paving stones, expanded clay, cement, crushed stone, sand, putty and other dry bulk materials. Such four-foot containers are actively used in metallurgy for storing copper sulphate, ferroalloys and other materials that need storage containers. Woodworking enterprises have also found use for big bags. Biofuels (waste wood, sawdust) are stored and transported in such soft containers.

– polypropylene bags – another type of soft packaging, which is used to move and store bulk. Its main difference from big bags is its small volume and, accordingly, its size.

– polypropylene liners in the big bag will help make the soft container waterproof and protect from environmental influences.

– liners in the floor of the car – an effective means of protecting the transported cargo. With the help of such liners in cars, gondola cars, you can transport a large amount of bulk cargo, as well as protect them from spilling, contact with the surface of the car, atmospheric phenomena, etc.

Advantages of polypropylene big bags

The production of big bags in Ukraine would not be so in demand if it were not for a number of advantages of this type of packaging.

The main advantages and benefits of large polypropylene containers include:

  1. Minimum tare weight and high load capacity.
  2. Ability to use in transportation by any mode of transport.
  3. The possibility of storing the transported cargo in open areas.
  4. Versatility and application in almost all areas of management.
  5. Stacking and tiered storage of packaged products in warehouses or transport vehicles.
  6. Mechanization of work related to loading and unloading.
  7. Possibility to reuse or recycle.
  8. Easy to use.
  9. Low cost.

Where can I buy big bags made in Ukraine?

Buy big run Ukrainian production of the highest quality offers the manufacturing company BIGBAG-INTERA, which is located in Cherkasy. For customers from other regions of Ukraine, we offer delivery by transport companies.

By contacting BIGBAG-INTERA (Cherkasy), you can get useful information about the modifications of containers, their design features, the operating conditions of big bags, and you can also order big bags for your business.

The production of big bags in Ukraine made it possible to simplify the process of storage and transportation of bulk materials.

You can contact us at the following phone numbers:

098 789 48 56 (Kyivstar).

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