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In this section, you can choose a micro big bag for 4 handles. Various sizes and various configurations are available: apron, unloading valve, solid bottom, etc.

 Big-bag 90x90x160, apron, solid bottom

Big-bag 90х90х160, apron, unloading valve

Big bags 90x90x190, apron, solid bottom

Big-bag from the manufacturer of any size and configuration

Big-bag 90x90x200, apron, unloading valve

Big-bag 90х90х180, unloading valve

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Buy big bags for 4 handles in Ukraine

– a chance to simplify the workflow if it is related to the production, storage or transportation of bulk or granular substances.

This type of cheap and reliable packaging has proven itself excellently in recent years. A big bag is a combination of the best qualities of a polypropylene bag and a container. Big bags have become an alternative to cardboard boxes, which become unusable under the influence of environmental factors, bags that do not differ in large volume and cargo capacity.

Design features of big bags with 4 handles

The design of soft containers is quite simple and clear. It is a bag of rectangular or square shape with four handles at the corners. Such handles greatly facilitate loading and unloading operations, allowing the use of special equipment (forklift or crane).

Such handles make it possible to more evenly distribute the load in the FIBC, which significantly strengthens the packaging and makes the transportation of transported goods more efficient. In addition, they provide additional security.

In addition, the design of a big bag with 4 handles can be improved with a special unloading valve at the bottom of the container. BIGBAG INTERA also offers containers with a solid bottom.

Store and move filled soft containers on special pallets or wooden pallets.

What are 4-handle big bags made of?

The main material used for the production of soft packaging containers in the form of big bags is polyamide or polypropylene fiber.

Such materials have a number of advantages:

strength, which allows polypropylene products not only to withstand heavy loads, but also to be used repeatedly.

resistance to temperature changes, humidity, pressure and other environmental parameters. This factor provides an opportunity to transport products to different parts of the world and different climatic zones.

resistance to chemicals. The neutrality of the material allows even aggressive substances to be transported.

environmental friendliness and safety, confirmed by quality certificates, even food products can be stored and transported.

It is believed that one of the main disadvantages of polypropylene fiber is water permeability. However, soft packaging manufacturers have found a way out of this situation and offer additional polyethylene liners in big bags that protect transported or stored products from moisture.

Benefits of big bags

Thanks to their versatility and functionality, big bags have taken a strong position in the packaging market.

The main advantages, in addition to the two mentioned above, areотнести:

– affordable price, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation;

– minimum weight of packing container;

– mechanization of works connected with loading and unloading;

– the possibility of transporting large volumes of products;

– loss of products during loading / unloading and transportation is minimized;

– convenient storage due to the possibility of stacking soft containers;

– wide scope of application;

– simplicity and convenience of operation;

– the possibility of reuse or recycling;

– safety – containers made of polypropylene do not harm the environment;

– the possibility of transportation of loose or granular products by any available mode of transport.

The list of advantages of big bags does not end here and, depending on the scope of application, everyone will find their own advantages and features of using big bags for 4 handles.

Where are big bags for 4 handles used

One of the advantages of big bags is their versatility. From the areas of application listed below, it will become clear why this advantage is one of indicative:

– for transportation and storage of food industry products. Most often, large volumes of sugar, flour, salt, cereals, starch, soda, etc. are transported;

– for transportation and storage of agricultural products – animal feed, cereals, vegetables, fruits, agricultural waste (grapevine, cake, luska, etc.).

– for the movement of products of the metallurgical industry, chemical – fertilizers, alkalis, sand, etc.;

– to organize the logistics of woodworking products – sawdust, wood chips, briquettes, biofuels, etc.;

– in the field of construction – for the transportation of cement, gypsum, sand, glue, gravel, etc., as well as for the removal of construction debris.

Today, many offline and online stores offer customers similar products. However, the most optimal solution would be to purchase soft containers from the manufacturing company.

BIGBAG INTERA is a Ukrainian manufacturing company located in the Cherkasy region, which has its own production line for more than 9 years. Own production allows not only to be responsible for the quality of products, but also to take into account the individual parameters of customers.

The company always has a stock of finished products (the most popular among customers) in stock, and also offers excellent service and delivery to Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Krivoy Rog and other cities and regions of Ukraine.

In addition to big bags for 4 handles, you can buy from BIGBAG INTERA:
  1. Big bags for 2 handles.
  2. Big run 4 lines.
  3. Polypropylene bags.
  4. Liners for gondola car.
  5. Inserts in big bags made of polyethylene.

You can place an order on the official website of the company or by contacting the managers at a convenient phone number for you:

+38(098) 789 48 56

Buying a big bag with 4 handles in Ukraine from BIGBAG INTERA is a modern solution that has a lot of advantages: from price to functionality.

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