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біг бег ан 4 стропи

 Big-bag 90x90x190, 4 slings, apron, blind bottom

біг бег ан 4 стропи

Big-bag 90x90x160, apron, solid bottom

біг бег ан 4 стропи

Big-bag 90х90х160, apron, unloading valve

біг бег ан 4 стропи

Big bag from the manufacturer of any size and configuration

біг бег ан 4 стропи

Big-bag 80x80x80, apron, solid bottom

біг бег ан 4 стропи

Big bag 90x90x180, open top, solid bottom

біг бег ан 4 стропи

Big bag 90x90x180, open top, unloading valve

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Buy big bags for 4 lines in Ukraine

offers the Ukrainian company BIGBAG – INTERRA, which is located in Cherkasy. Large-sized packaging containers have been in demand for a long time not only among manufacturers of bulky goods, bulk and even liquid products, but also among the construction industry.

Bags of large sizes and volumes, made of dense material, occupy a special place among all types of packaging products. It is wrong to think that a big bag is just an ordinary bag. This is an improved type of product for packaging, which is a combination of the best parameters of the bag and container.

Such polypropylene containers have a fairly large capacity. Depending on the design, the container can contain from 300 kilograms. The maximum weight limit will depend on the big bag itself. But on average, this value reaches 3000 kilograms.

Where Big Runs Are Used

Soft packaging containers are used in various areas of business. Most often they are used in the production, transportation or storage of bulk products.

Thus, the areas where big bags are most in demand are:

– agricultural sector. The containers are used to transport grain, fertilizers, agricultural residues (grape vines, buckwheat husks, etc.), animal feed, etc.

– chemical industry. One of the many advantages of big bags is that the material from which they are made does not enter into a chemical reaction with the transported substances. So, in the chemical industry, alkali or other substances are transported in big bags.

– food industry. Big bags are relevant for the transportation and storage of sugar, starch, salt, flour, cereals, soda, etc.

– woodworking industry. In soft containers, it is convenient to transport woodworking waste – sawdust, shavings, biofuels, etc.

– construction. There are plenty of bulk materials in the construction industry – cement, gypsum, various glues, plaster. It is also convenient to transport bricks, crushed stone, paving slabs in large containers, and it is also used for the removal of construction debris.

As you can see, the scope of big bags is quite wide and varied. And each company can adapt them to their needs and production features.

What is the secret of reliability of big bags

Reliability, strength, efficiency of soft packaging containers lies in the features of its design. The main feature of soft containers is the presence of slings. At first glance, these thin strips sewn into the big bag itself are almost invisible. However, it is thanks to them that all the main load when working with lifting equipment is minimized. These lanes take on the entire load, which makes the transportation of goods as reliable as possible.

Big bags with four lines are considered the strongest. These lines are available in two versions:

– inline slings;

– sewn lines.

Slings for big bags are made of universal polypropylene. This design solution allows you to maintain the ratio “price-quality”. It is also worth considering the fact that the wider the sling itself, the greater the carrying capacity of the big bag container.

To further strengthen the slings, manufacturers use special additives in the composition that strengthen the sling.

The advantages of polypropylene slings include:

– high reliability;

– excellent wear resistance;

– material durability;

– resistance to changes in environmental conditions;

– environmental Safety;

– affordable price.

Regardless of which option you choose, the products will be reliably protected, and the flexible container can be loaded and unloaded using special equipment.

Big bags with four lines are considered the most versatile. Compared to other configurations, these containers have not only the greatest strength, but also the highest rate of adaptability to the cargo being transported.

You can buy big bags for 4 lines (Ukraine) for various needs: from the food industry to construction and metallurgy.

The Benefits of Big Bags
  1. Product versatility and a high level of adaptability to the product being transported.
  2. The possibility of not only transporting, but also storing products in warehouses.
  3. Suitable for most material handling equipment.
  4. Maximum capacity and minimum tare.
  5. Low cost of flexible containers.
  6. The possibility of transportation by any type of transport – rail, road, air, sea, river, etc.
  7. Insignificant loss of cargo at all levels – from loading to unloading.
  8. A variety of constructive and functional forms.
  9. Possibility of multi-tier storage of flexible containers in warehouses.
  10. Environmentally friendly.
  11. Compliance with all norms and standards.
  12. Reusable.
  13. Recyclable.
Where and how to buy big run on 4 lines in Ukraine

You can buy big bags for 4 lines at the Ukrainian manufacturing company BIGBAG – INTERRA, which is located in Cherkasy.

A wide range of products is presented on the official website of the company:

– big bags for 2 handles, 4 handles, 4 slings;

– polypropylene bags;

– polyethylene inserts in the big run;

– special inserts in the gondola car.

For the convenience of unloading big bags, the company offers containers with an unloading valve. It should be noted that in addition to the sizes of big bags presented on the site, the customer can give his own individual measurements.

You can contact the company by leaving a request on the website or by calling the following phone numbers:

+38(098) 789 48 56

Buying big bags for 4 lines in Ukraine from BIGBAG – INTERRA is one of the best decisions you have made to develop your business.

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