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In this category of goods you can choose high-quality polyethylene inserts in big bags of any size. The main material for the production of liners is LDPE (high pressure polyethylene). It is also possible to use HDPE (low pressure). The most popular material is PVD, because it has the best elasticity.
Insert of any height for big bags 80x80cm and 90x90cm

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Buy liners for big bags in Ukraine

the Ukrainian company-manufacturer of soft packaging Bigbag Intera (Cherkassy) will help. This type of packaging for the transmission and storage of bulk, granular products has long gained popularity among other types of packaging. Due to the many advantages, versatility, as well as low price, polypropylene soft containers confidently occupy a leading position.

Big bags are one of the types of product packaging – a soft large-sized container, additionally equipped with handles or slings. Such containers are made of synthetic fiber – polypropylene, and the composition is further improved by special additives and substances. For example, for protection against ultraviolet radiation, which is extremely positive before the transport of goods in the chemical industry.

It is believed that such containers came to us from the east – Japan or South Korea. In the late 80s of the 20th century, containers began to be used on the territory of European countries. And already in 1985, quality standards were drawn up, which manufacturers of these goods should be equal to.

In addition to versatility, big bags are highly reliable and durable. To make a soft polypropylene container even more versatile, reliable, wear-resistant, polyethylene liners for big bags help.

Features of polyethylene liners in soft containers

The liners are a wide format polyethylene sheet (bag) and are made of high-density polyethylene, which makes the liners as flexible as possible, waxy to the touch and slightly matte in appearance. Such packaging is selected strictly according to the size of the big bag, in which it will be placed manually or using special machines. It is allowed that the size of polyethylene inserts may be somewhat larger than the size of the big bag, but in no case less – it is fraught with a violation of the tightness of the package.

Why buy plastic liners for big bags

It is worth ordering polyethylene liners in order to:

  1. Ensure the dryness of the cargo and prevent the penetration of moisture into the container. Such measures will help preserve the product from damage or changes in its properties under the influence of moisture.
  2. Minimize cargo loss. Transportation and storage of bulk, granular, fine-grained, powder cargoes are fraught with spillage and loss of part of the cargo. Inserts will keep such cases to a minimum.
  3. Ensure that the goods being transported do not come into contact with the external environment.
  4. Protect the safety of other goods carried together.
  5. To prevent weathering or shrinkage of transported goods. The necessary microclimate is maintained inside the package.
  6. Protect transported products from dust.

Advantages of PE Big Bag Liners

The popularity of big bags and their inserts is undoubtedly due to the large number of advantages of soft containers, namely:

  1. Versatility. Containers fit a variety of products:

– food industry – sugar, flour, soda, cereals, starch, etc.
– agriculture – transportation of vegetables, fruits, grain, feed, feed, fertilizers, agricultural waste (grapevine, sunflower husk, buckwheat, etc.).

– woodworking industry – transportation and storage of sawdust, shavings and other waste and products of this type of industry.
– chemical industry – potash and mineral fertilizers, alkalis, sand and other materials.

– construction industry – transportation of crushed stone, soil, cement, granite chips, gypsum, glue, etc.

  1. Sustainable. PE liners are recyclable.
  2. Safety. This type of packaging has no negative impact not only on the environment, but also on the transported goods.
  3. Rationality. Soft packaging is sufficiently plastic and flexible, which makes it possible to rationally use the space inside the transport that carries out transportation.
  4. Economy. Firstly, the tare itself is distinguished by an affordable price, and secondly, the tare weight is so insignificant that it does not play a role in the total weight, thereby saving transportation costs.

What kind of polyethylene inserts are fashionable to buy at Bigbag Intera

Due to the fact that the company is not only a wholesale supplier of soft packaging, but also its manufacturer, you can buy polyethylene liners for big bags of any height.

Bigbag Intera offers:

– buy inserts in big bags 80×80 cm;

– buy inserts in big bags 90×90 cm;

– buy liners of large sizes – 1.85×2.60 or 1.65×2.70.

Inserts, regardless of size, may have additional properties.

For example, you can order a heat-resistant polyethylene liner – the thermal load is from 120 to 200 degrees Celsius. Or earbuds with antistatic effect to prevent static electricity.

The price of an insert in a big bag 1.85×2.60 is approximate and is about 36 hryvnias.

The price of an insert in a big bag 1.65×2.70 is about 35 hryvnias. Prices for inserts made of polyethylene of smaller sizes should be found out from the company’s managers.

How to buy inserts for big bags in Ukraine from Bigbag Intera

There are several ways to order polyethylene soft liners from the company:

Through the official website of the company. In the appropriate section, select the required size and type of inserts and place an order.

Contact company managers at the following phone numbers:

+38(098) 789 48 56

In addition to placing an order, you can get detailed advice on the properties of the goods, assistance in choosing the required sizes, and also get acquainted with the terms of delivery. Today, delivery is carried out to Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, Krivoy Rog and other regions of Ukraine.

It is easy and inexpensive to buy liners for big bags in Ukraine at Bigbag Intera.

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