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In this section, you can choose a big bag, the size of which will meet your needs. The catalog of this category includes big bags for two handles. Any configuration and size are available.

Big-bag 90x90x160, apron, solid bottom

Big-bag from the manufacturer of any size and configuration

Big bag 90x90x150, insert, open top, solid bottom

Big bag 90x90x200, apron, solid bottom

Big bag 95x95x205, open top, solid bottom

Big bag 90x90x190, open top, solid bottom

Big bag 80x80x150, open top, solid bottom

Big bag 80x80x148, insert, open top, solid bottom

Big-bag 90х90х160, apron, unloading valve

Big-bag 95х95х240, apron, without bottom

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Choose a durable big-bag – a variety of sizes

Soft containers big bag is a package that has gained popularity all over the world. Polypropylene soft containers were invented about a century ago. Already in those days, big bags were durable, in our time, the characteristics of soft containers have been significantly improved.Modern big bag sizes has any, as well as configurations. This type of packaging is multifunctional and is involved in almost every area of human activity. For different purposes, you can choose different modifications.

For example, today such variants of bags are known as bags for two handles, for 4 handles, for 4 slings. In addition, there may be different sizes, bags with different capacities, with the presence of all kinds of additional elements. Big bags differ in different carrying capacity. There are both disposable and reusable options.

Big bag handles or straps provide extra strength and durability to the bag. In addition, the handles make it easier to load bags, because with handles it is much more convenient to transport cargo or load it into a car. Depending on the characteristics of the cargo and transportation, choose and big bag sizes, and number of pens.

A nice feature of any kind of soft containers – affordable price, since new developments and technologies reduce the cost of bags, increasing their quality and reliability.

Buy big run for 2 handles in Ukraine

Buy big-bags for 2 handles in Ukraine offers a Cherkasy manufacturer of soft bulky containers BIGBAG-INTERA.

Such containers are made of a special polypropylene thread, which makes them reliable and durable assistants in any business.

Almost 60 years after their appearance, big-bags acquired new constructive ones, began to be made from innovative materials, and were also widely used not only all over the world, but also in Ukraine.

Today, the manufacturing company BIGBAG-INTERA manufactures several options for soft containers made of polypropylene:

big bags for 2 handles,which will be discussed in more detail below;

big bags with 4 handles or 4 straps – for industries in which large volumes of cargo transportation are relevant.

polypropylene bags – the best packaging option for storage and transportation of granular or bulk goods. Differs in small volume.

polypropylene liners in big bags help provide additional moisture insulation, which is extremely important when transporting liquid cargo and those goods that are “afraid” of high humidity.

liners in the floor of the car – an indispensable attribute for the safety of bulk cargo transported by rail. Such liners keep the cargo from spilling, contact with the surface of the car, which is extremely important in the chemical industry, and also protect against all kinds of environmental influences (high humidity, rain, snow, wind, sun, etc.).

BIGBAG-INTERA– 13 years on the Ukrainian market

The BIGBAG-INTERA company (Cherkassy) has been on the Ukrainian market for more than 13 years and provides business with a quality product.

Among other advantages of cooperation with the company are:

– constant support of communication with clients;

– the possibility of delivering goods to Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Krivoy Rog, as well as to all other regions of Ukraine;

– convenient payment methods;

– fast execution of orders due to the presence of our own advanced equipment;

– availability of the most popular sizes of soft containers in stock;

At BIGBAG-INTERA, you can wholesale big bags with 2 handles, as well as any other options for polypropylene products for product packaging.

Demand for big bags for 2 handles

Due to its versatility, soft containers are in demand in almost every area of the economy. A design feature of big bags with two handles is the presence of special slings (handles). This design makes it possible to simplify the loading and unloading process, as well as the movement of flexible containers in a warehouse or inside a vehicle.

The volume of big bags can be varied from 300 kg up to 2 tons. Handles allow you to more evenly expand the scope and change the packaging. Before that, the handles were equipped with additional intellectual safety of work with important soft containers made of polypropylene.

Most often, big bags with two handles are used in:

– chemical industry. This is due to the fact that the material from which the container is made practically does not react with the contents, which means that undesirable chemical reactions will not occur. You can also buy big bags for 2 handles for mineral fertilizers, household chemicals and other chemical products.

– the agricultural industry and agriculture every year more and more actively use large-sized soft containers in their activities. Two-line containers perfectly cope with the transportation of feed, grain, vegetables, fruits, as well as agricultural waste (grapevine, sunflower seed husks, buckwheat and other grain crops).

– the food industry is not complete without the use of soft containers. It is convenient to transport and store cereals, starch, sugar, salt, soda and other products in large bags.

– the woodworking industry has adapted big bags for the transportation and storage of sawdust, woodworking industry waste, biofuels, etc.

Advantages of 2 handle big-bags

The benefits of big bags for 2 The benefits of big bags are as wide as their areas of use. These include:

  1. Versatility of use.
  2. Ability to transport and store large volumes of bulk, granular, liquid goods.
  3. The minimum weight of the package itself.
  4. The ability to mechanize the loading and unloading of flexible containers.
  5. Stacking packaged goods in warehouses or transport vehicles.
  6. The material of manufacture has no effect on the load.
  7. Reusable.
  8. Economy and low cost of production, etc.

Features of the production of big bags for 2 handles

Big-bags are a modern and functional container for packing and transporting any cargo. The advantages and relevance of such containers are related to the properties of the material from which the packaging is made.

Polypropylene thread is a strong, reliable, strong, durable material. It withstands prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation (direct sunlight), so that the goods inside the containers can be stored in open spaces.

The cost of a big bag for 2 handles is affordable and adequate. In addition, at BIGBAG-INTERA you can order big bags made to measure.

Where to buy big bags for 2 handles in Ukraine

You can buy big bags for 2 handles in bulk with a phone call to BIGBAG-INTERA. Experienced and qualified managers will help you choose the ideal option specifically for your cargo, tell you about the conditions for the use and storage of flexible containers, and also orient you at the price of big bags.

Company contact numbers for communication:

+38(098) 789 48 56

Buying a 2-handle big bag in Ukraine means using a modern and universal solution for packaging a wide variety of products.

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