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We sell high-quality inserts in a gondola car of our own production. This shipping packaging is used for convenient storage and transportation of all kinds of bulk cargo. The insert is fixed in the rolling stock (closed or gondola type). The main function is product protection. The cost of such packaging is negotiable.

Insert for gondola car

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Buy gondola car liners in Ukraine

is the best solution if bulk or granular cargo is to be transported in wagons and gondola cars.

Bigbag Intera (Cherkasy) is not only a distributor of such products, but also a manufacturer of soft packaging products for transportation and storage of various types of cargo. One of the positions in the assortment of the company are gondola car liners, which are designed to protect cargo during transportation by rail or sea.

An insert in a gondola car or wagon is a piece of a special polypropylene cut that prevents spillage, wetting of bulk goods and products in granules, and also protects them from wind, fog, snow, rain, sun, etc. Such a measure of protection allows you to secure large volumes of goods transported over long distances.

Features of gondola liners

Bigbag Intera manufactures liners of both standard sizes (13*3*2 meters) and individual sizes. For the production of this type of product, a special polypropylene fiber with special additives is used. Such additives, which are part of the polypropylene fabric, can improve the performance of the product. For example, special additives make it possible to protect the transported cargo not only from exposure to direct sunlight, but also from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the fiber is so stable and durable that it is suitable for transporting chemical industry products – alkalis, liquid acids and other aggressive substances. During the manufacturing process, such polypropylene fibers are laminated, which makes the material even more reliable and strong.

In addition to the canvas itself, the polypropylene wagon liner consists of petals that cover the top, loops with which the product is fixed in the container, slings that reinforce the structure and provide a less troublesome loading / unloading process.

What soft wagon containers are for

You need to buy laminated gondola liners for:

  1. protection of the transported cargo from precipitation and other natural phenomena.
  2. Minimizing spillage of goods during transit.
  3. avoiding contact between the transported cargo and the metal walls of the rolling stock.
  4. no need to clean and wash the wagon after the carriage of goods.
  5. in order to save time and minimize handling time.
  6. reducing the cost of transporting bulk, liquid, granular goods. Thus, containers for the transportation of special cargo (grain carriers, hoppers, etc.) are much more expensive than ordinary ones. Using polypropylene liners in the wagon, you can get by with standard general purpose wagons.
  7. preservation of the presentation of the transported products.

You can buy polypropylene liners for a gondola car for completely different loads. For example, for transportation:


– agricultural products (feed, compound feed, fertilizers, grain, vegetables, fruits, etc.)

– food products (flour, sugar, starch, cereals, etc.)

– chemical products (mineral or potash fertilizers, household chemicals, etc.)

– building materials (sand, crushed stone, cement, plaster mixture, dry glue, etc.)

– goods or waste from the woodworking industry (chips, sawdust, etc.)

– biofuels (briquettes, peat, pallets, etc.).

Advantages of wagon/gondola liners

The ever-increasing demand for such products is provided by a number of advantages, namely:

  1. Economy. The low cost of the products and lower rates for transportation by rail can significantly reduce logistics costs.
  2. Reliability and security. Soft packaging will protect your cargo.
  3. Ease of use. Securing, loading and unloading operations do not require special skills.

Where to order liners for a gondola car in Ukraine

Of course, it is best and cheapest to order gondola liners from the manufacturer. Such a company is the Cherkasy manufacturer of liners for gondola cars, big bags, liners for big bags, polypropylene bags – Bigbag Intera. Since 2012, the company has launched its own production line of large-sized soft containers. From 2007 to 2012, the company was engaged in wholesale deliveries of products of this kind. Own production allows you to independently set prices for products, monitor the quality of manufactured goods, and also carry out the production of individual orders for the production of big bags, bags and liners for gondola cars.

The price of gondola liners depends on many parameters: size, quantity, etc. Qualified managers of the Bigbag Intera company (Cherkassy) can acquaint you with the pricing policy, delivery conditions, operating rules. Today, delivery is carried out to Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Krivoy Rog, as well as to other regions of Ukraine.

In the assortment of the company you will find:

– liners in gondola cars;

– polypropylene bags;

– 2 handle big bags ;

– 4 handle big bags ;

– big bags with 4 lines;

– polyethylene inserts in big bags.

The company offers high quality products that meet national and international standards, but fast delivery, convenient payment methods, as well as advice from experienced managers.

You can place an order either on the official website of the manufacturer or by calling one of the phone numbers:

+38(098) 789-48-56

You can also order a call back on the site. Our experts will help you choose the optimal product design depending on the type of cargo, its quantity and other conditions.

Buying liners for a gondola car in Ukraine means securing cargo and business while saving money.

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