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How to properly move filled big bags?

How to properly move filled big bags?


Modern technologies and equipment, as well as various innovations, make it possible to improve production in all branches of human activity, including the production of containers and packaging. Recently, polypropylene has been of particular importance. High-quality packaging products are produced from durable polypropylene fabric – Big Bag soft containers and polypropylene bags. Big bag combines high wear resistance, convenience, durability and low cost. Such a container can lift incredibly large loads (up to two or three tons), while occupying a minimum of space. Varieties and design features of big bags allow you to transport any kind of bulk or lumpy cargo. Soft containers can be equipped with from one to four slings (handles, loop).




Of course, the strength and reliability of big bags is beyond doubt, however, during transportation or other mobile manipulations (unloading, loading, moving), certain recommendations must be followed:

  • In the case when the loaded container is fixed on a pallet, it must be moved on pallets using a cargo trolley or loader device.
  • If raising or lowering the FIBC with slings is carried out, then the slings must be in a vertical position. No jerks should be allowed.
  • To unload or load the cargo, special mechanisms (lifting) are used, which have the required lifting height and load capacity.
  • When lifting big bags with one or two loops, then you need to strengthen all the lines on one hook. At the same time, for a big bag with two lines, both loops must be used. Also with a container with four slings – you need to sling all the loops (load-bearing elements).
  • If several containers are lifted/lowered at once, then a traverse is used, which maintains only the vertical position of the suspended big bags.
  • If the big bag has tipped over, then all the slings must be used to lift it. If you lift a big bag by one line without using the rest, they may break.

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