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Buy Polypropylene bags Wholesale in Ukraine

Buy Polypropylene Bags Wholesale in Ukraine

Many modern manufacturing and economic companies buy polypropylene bags in bulk, because such packaging is the most practical and affordable. In fact, polypropylene bags are used in all areas of human activity, using them for industrial products, for food, building materials or waste, for chemical cargo and much more.
The design of the polypropylene bag provides universal wear-resistant properties of the container. The bag is made from durable polypropylene. Stretched threads create a high rate of elasticity and strength. Microperforation guarantees good air circulation – the cargo can “breathe” and be preserved due to the favorable microclimate inside the package. The elasticity of the bag prevents damage from kinks, bumps, falls. No matter how the bag is bent, it always retains its original shape. A polypropylene bag can even be hung on a hook, pierced with a nail, but the contents will still not be damaged, and the bag will not tear. In addition, polypropylene bags do not allow moisture to pass through. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a load in a polypropylene bag to be left simply in the open, in the rain. In any case, the contents will not deteriorate or get wet. It is not surprising that wholesale polypropylene bags are so in demand.

Today, there are many types of packaging made from different materials (jute, linen, paper), but polypropylene bags confidently hold the lead.

Summing up, we can sum up all the advantages of this type of packaging:

  • resistance to damage;
  • resistance to abrasion, bending;
  • resistance to chemicals or dyes, polypropylene does not dissolve in organic solvents;
  • resistant to high and low temperatures. The polypropylene bag can withstand both boiling water (alkalis) and very low temperatures within -70 degrees Celsius;
  • has anti-corrosion properties;
  • UV resistant;
  • waterproof;
  • cheap.

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