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Buy Big bags (big bag) from the producer in Ukraine

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Buy Big bags (big bag) from the producer in Ukraine

Today, big bags are a universal tool for packing and transporting a variety of goods. By and large, they look like very large bags or sacks with handles or slings. This type of packaging is most often used to transport bulk cargo, whether it is food or industrial goods.

The first joggers were used in Japan to transport goods by rail. Initially, they were made of tarpaulin or cotton fibers and fittings. However, such containers were not particularly durable. In the 1950s, after the discovery of polyester and polyamide fibers, soft containers became more durable due to the inclusion of such materials in products.

Today, the production and use of big bags is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine, and research data show that the annual production of these products in the world increases by 10%.

Where are running runs used?

Over time, such packaging for transportation and storage has become increasingly popular in all areas. Soft containers are most often used in:

agriculture. Yes, it is quite convenient to store and transport not only crops (wheat, rye, barley and other crops), but also fertilizers, feed, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Food industry – for storage of flour, sugar, all kinds of cereals, starch, salt and other products.

construction. Running bags are convenient for transporting cement, gravel, sand, gypsum, as well as for transporting paving stones and other building materials.

woodworking industry – for chip removal.

mining industry – for transportation of ore, clay and other rocks.

The scope of polypropylene running bags is so wide that they can be used almost anywhere.

Advantages of polypropylene packaging

Among all the positive performance features of big bags, the following stand out the most:

  1. High load capacity.
  2. Low cost of soft containers.
  3. Containers are suitable for transportation by any means – rail, land, air, sea.
  4. Simplicity of loading and unloading process.
  5. High wear resistance of polypropylene fabric.
  6. Universal purpose.
  7. Such soft polypropylene containers can transport not only bulk materials but also small parts (such as bearing balls).
  8. Increased impact resistance. Such containers are not afraid of mechanical damage, shocks and all kinds of blows during transportation.
  9. Improved air permeability. Due to the special intertwining of polypropylene fibers in the container itself does not create conditions for rot, as well as for the formation of mold and other pathogenic microorganisms, which is especially important when transporting and storing food or agricultural products.
  10. Large model range and size range. By and large, the client can set the parameters necessary for sewing running races. The capacity of one jog can be from 300 kilograms to 2 tons.
  11. Stackable.
  12. Ability to reuse polypropylene containers.
  13. Possibility of branding by applying logos, inscriptions and contacts.

Where to buy running in Ukraine?

 Of course, there are many companies that sell soft containers. However, Bigbag-Intera has a number of undeniable advantages. Namely:

– 14 years of experience in this market segment;

– 9 years of experience of own production in Ukraine and large-sized polypropylene containers;

– automated production process allows to reduce the time for the manufacture of containers by individual measurements;

– in a warehouse we almost always have a stock of the most running sizes of soft containers;

– you can pay for the order in any convenient way;

– the Bigbag-Intera company offers to buy wholesale

You can get a consultation or order big bags (Ukraine) by phone, as well as by reading the information on the site.

Our company is ready to make any order – containers with slings or non-standard configuration. Company managers will always help you find the best solution for you and your business.


Bigbag-Intera range of running bags


It is possible to buy running races in the Bigbag-Intera company (Ukraine) of various options, depending on what way of loading / unloading, type of the transported material.


 buy big runners in Ukraine


The most popular models are:


Running on 2 handles – have a convenient space between two handles for loading or unloading material into the container.

4-handle running and 4-way running are easy to move with special cranes.

Polypropylene bags are one of the cheapest, but at the same time convenient and durable ways to transport and store any cargo.

Polypropylene running bags are needed to transport loads that require special conditions. They help to make a soft container waterproof and protect it from unwanted environmental influences. Most often used for transportation and storage of chemicals, cement, pesticides, fertilizers, food.

Semi-wagon liners are designed to protect goods carried in wagons or gondola cars. They are securely fastened in the car and reliably protect the load from waking up or leaking.

Buy big runs in Ukraine and make the right choice for efficient storage and transportation will help Bigbag-Intera.

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