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What are the advantages and disadvantages of big bags?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of big bags?

Our company is engaged in the production and supply of flexible big bag containers, which have actually forced polypropylene bags out of the market. These large containers are made from polypropylene fabric of different densities. You can buy big bags on our website and get reliable packaging for your production or personal use.
Such containers have a load capacity of 500 kg, at the request of the client they can have several handles. Large containers of this type are widely used in many industries, but mainly in agriculture, construction, chemical industries and many others. The advantages of flexible packaging are so great that the consumer prefers more and more just such packaging, as well as shipping containers.
Probably the most important advantage is the combination of reliability and economy of bags. Separately, it should be noted that you can buy big bags with additional accessories in our company. For example, big bags can be completed with a polyethylene liner, which will enhance climatic protection, there may also be a special pocket for documents, ribbon, strings at your request. The presence of various structural elements will additionally secure your cargo and make the process of transportation or storage more comfortable. They are also suitable for different types of products, with their help the space of a warehouse or a transport vehicle is maximized, the probability of cargo loss is reduced to a minimum, they are environmentally friendly, and thanks to special additions they are very convenient to use, suitable for repeated consumption and processing, reliably resist climatic conditions. conditions.

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